In our house you have a choice between various cosmetic treatments.

** Beauty and relaxation at the Hotel Viktoria **

** Holistic facial: **
** Basic treatment approximately 1.5 hours ** € 79, -
Vapor deposition with your Soul Deva oil (you may two companions, Soul Deva
color and draw intuitively oil), remove cleansing, exfoliation, skin blemishes,
Brown correction, eyelash tinting, aloe vera gel for moisture, ampoule,
Mask, relaxing massage with Shiatsu head zone and the color of your oil.
If desired, small day makeup
** Woman bogeyman recommends after primary treatment, a further pampering hour **

** Subsequent treatment - Relax treatment about 60 minutes ** € 59, -
Cleansing the face - individually according to skin type, massage
with ampoule - also very suitable for men

** Hot Stone Facial approximately 1.5 hours ** € 79, -
Same benefits as for the holistic facials.
Facial massage with hot stones

** Hot stone full body massage 1.5 hours ** € 89, -
Your senses will be spoiled. Your skin supple gently with valuable oil and
delicately massaged. The warm lava stones are placed on energy points, there
where body functions are controlled and influenced. Gently passed over the body,
give them a clear sense of wellbeing, a noticeable harmony and a
high relaxation value.

** Energetic Back Massage according to Tibetan teachings ** € 40, -
about 40 minutes
The energies are brought into flow and can flow inexorably. About the
Nervous system, the meridians and lymph massage achieves this physical blockages
and tension. The energy body is brought into harmony and order in the
own center found. With a "grounding and liberating" precious oil with gold leaf
be gently massaged.
Leave a optimal effect two applications 2× 40 min € 75, -

** Ear candle treatment around 30 minutes ** € 28, -
With a lymphatic massage. There are stimuli to the ear canal, eardrum and
Transferred middle ear. This harmonize the entire ENT area. one
Cleaning is carried out via face-paranasal and zygomatic cave. The blood flow
is stimulated and there is a deep relaxation.

** Manicure 30-45 minutes **
with scrub and massage, on request with paint € 30.00 to 45.00

** Pedicure about 30-45 minutes **
with foot bath and massage, on request with paint € 30.00 to 45.00

** Additional treatments **
- Remove facial hair (in basic treatment included)
- Eyelash (in basic treatment included)
- Brown color (in basic treatment included) all 3 together € 15.00
(individually selectable)

Please pay your applications / cosmetics directly after the treatment BAR.
With a new price list, the new rates are!