The region Oberstdorf

There are seven valleys in Oberstdorf. Each with its own character and distinctive charm.

The rugged Trettachtal around with its imposing mountains, the savage or the gentle Oytal Stillachtal. In the middle is, however, Oberstdorf. Surrounded by nature and in one of the sunniest regions of Bavaria.

Rubi - original romantic village

Rubi is known for its exceptionally good situation. On the one hand a haven of tranquillity located in the middle of nature, the other near the world famous spa and sports resort Oberstdorf. The picturesque village with beautiful decorated houses and farms will be blessed by the sun from early morning until late afternoon. Not least for this reason, the host and the villagers are particularly endearing and cheerful. In the evening, when the setting sun glows on the mountain tops again, bring whiled away in cosy rooms and can end the day.