Massage and Physio

In our hotel, we offer massages and body treatments. In unserem Hotel bieten wir Massagen und Körperbehandlungen an.


Classical massage (massage part)25 min.32,00 €
Traditional Massage (full body massage)50 min.64,00 €
Aroma oil massage (massage part)25 min.37,50 €
Aroma oil massage (full body massage)50 min.69,00 €
Lymphatic Drainage25 min.34,50 €
Lymphatic Drainage50 min.69,00 €
Reflexology Treatment25 min.32,00 €
Reflexology Treatment50 min.64,00 €
Connective tissue treatment25 min.32,00 €
La Stone Therapy60 min.92,00 €
Heat treatment (hot roll)05,00 €
Cold applications (ice, clay pack)05,00 €
Kneipp treatments05,00 €
Techniques of osteopathy41,00 €

Physiotherapy deals on funds medical base:
Settled through a doctor's prescription with additional home visit

Physiotherapy on a neurophysiological basis34,50 €
Manual Therapy34,50 €
Physiotherapy in an exercise25 min.34,50 €
Physiotherapy in the movement-in the group25 min.14,00 €
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, possibly with compression therapy25 min.34,50 €
Manual Lymphatic Drainage, possibly with compression therapy50 min.69,00 €
Electrotherapy05,00 €
Ultrasound05,00 €

The prices are incl. VAT.

Our therapeutic team in Victoria:

** Practice for holistic therapies **

Stefan Tenzer u. Harald Höpfinger,
Practice for Holistic Therapy
Poststr. 10
87561 Oberstdorf
Tel. 08322 2079
Fax 08322 1733